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S&T Clinic Revision

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Clinics for new S&T officials are meant to be a lead-in to immediate or near immediate commencement of the on deck training. This was obvious to the Training Committee when the current training materials were penned, but because it was so obvious this was not actually written in the clinic materials. Recently we've had prospective officials ask to commence on-deck training after a year break since attending the initial clinic. Unfortunately we believe too much time has passed and most of the clinic materials will have been forgotten over time, so we're asking these folks to attend another clinic prior to beginning the deck training.

The Training Committee is currently in the process of revising the clinic materials to reflect the need to begin on deck training right away. If you know someone who has attended a clinic fairly recently but has not begun the on-deck training please suggest she or he begin training on deck soon, or possible attend another clinic.

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

USAS Tests Offline

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Every year USA Swimming must update the online testing system to align the tests with changes to the rules that take effect May 1. Because of this, online testing will be unavailable from April 15 through April 30 and will be back online May 1.

As you may be aware, a person testing is allowed to stop a test at any point and return later to resume the test. When doing this test progress is saved in the system. Please be aware any save tests will be deleted on April 15; if you are working your way through a test please finish it up before April 15 or you will have to start over.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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