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Policies and Procedures

(updated 2/8/24)



(updated 12/15)    


Anti-Discrimination Policy


Transgender Athlete Policy



General Chair:

1. The General Chair shall oversee and have general charge of the management, business, operations, affairs and property of OR, and general supervision over its officers and agents; shall call meetings when and where deemed necessary; shall preside at all meetings; and, except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws and with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors, shall appoint committee chairs and members for standing and special committees or coordinators as may be necessary to permit OR to effectively, efficiently and economically conduct its affairs. 
2. The General Chair shall report to the Board of Directors all matters within the General Chair’s knowledge that the Board of Directors should consider in the best interests of OR.
Senior Vice-Chair:
 1. The Senior Vice-Chair shall chair and have general charge of the affairs and property of the Committee that develops and conducts the senior swimming program of OR. The Senior Vice-Chair shall serve as the liaison to the Athlete Representatives and the Athletes Committee, and shall be responsible to see that the Athlete Representatives’ elections are held in accordance with these Bylaws.  
Age Group Vice-Chair:
  1. The Age Group Vice-Chair shall have general charge of developing and conducting the age group swimming program of OR.   
Technical Planning Chair:
  1. The Technical Planning Chair shall chair, and have general charge of the business, affairs and property of the Technical Planning Committee, which is responsible for the long range planning regarding the swimming programs conducted by OR, the continuing review and development of the OR philosophy and for the advising other committees and divisions regarding the implementation of that philosophy in the context of OR’s swimming programs.   
Finance Vice-Chair:
1. The Finance Vice-Chair shall chair, and have general charge of the business, affairs and property of the Finance Committee.
i. To develop, establish where so authorized, or recommend to the Board of Directors, and supervise the execution of policy regarding the investment of OR’s working capital, funded reserves and endowment funds, within the guidelines, if any, established by the Board of Directors or the House of Delegates. The Finance Committee shall also regularly review OR’s equipment needs (both operational and office) and the various methods available to finance the acquisition of any needed equipment and make a determination and recommendation of the best financing method. 
ii. To conduct a review or audit or recommend an independent auditor to conduct the required annual review or audit of the books of OR. If conducted internally, a minimum of three (3) committee members with a sufficient number of athletes to constitute at least 20% of the voting membership, must conduct the review or audit. The Treasurer cannot be a member of the group performing the audit, but can be present to provide clarification, information and answer questions. 
iii. To submit the review or audit and other reports and make recommendations to the Board of Directors with regard thereto. 
iv. To consult with the officers, committee chairs and coordinators and prepare and present a proposed budget for consideration and approval by the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates. The officers, committee chairs and coordinators shall provide promptly such financial information (current and projected) and budget proposals as the Finance Page 16 Committee may request. The proposed budget may contain alternatives. 
v. To complete and submit any state and local reports and filings.  
1. The Secretary, or a delegate, shall be responsible for keeping a record of all meetings of the House of Delegates and Board of Directors and shall perform the other duties incidental to the office of Secretary. The Secretary, or the staff of OR’s permanent office, shall be custodian of the records of OR, and attest the execution of all duly authorized instruments. 
2. The secretary shall cause to be kept at OR’s permanent office copies of all minutes, official correspondence, meeting and other notices, and any other records of OR.  
The following appointed positions will be available January 1.  If you are interested in being appointed in January to either of them, please contact [email protected] 
Safe Sport Coordinator:
1. The Safe Sport Coordinator shall be responsible for the implementation and coordination of, and serve as the OR liaison for, the Safe Sport Program established by USA Swimming. The Safe Sport Coordinator shall be a non-athlete member in good standing and shall work with the USA Swimming Safe Sport staff and the USA Swimming Safe Sport Committee to implement pertinent aspects of the national Safe Sport Program within OR. The Safe Sport Coordinator shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors and shall hold no other office or committee chair position in OR during his or her term. 
The Safe Sport Coordinator will: 
2. Serve as the primary contact for OR to coordinate and oversee the implementation of effective safe sport educational programs for all athlete members, their parents, coaches, volunteers and clubs, as provided by USA swimming; 
3. Be trained regarding the complaint reporting structure and refer all reports of a violation of the Athlete Protection policy directly to the local club, the General Chair, the USA Swimming Safe Sport staff, and/or other appropriate authority; 
4. Participating in workshops as provided by USA swimming, collect and share information about what USA swimming and other LSCs are doing to promote safe sport policies, and disseminate information on LSC best practices; 
5. Serve as an information resource for OR clubs and membership, and will help to identify and connect them with local educational partners and resources; 
6. Receive feedback and suggestions on the Safe Sport policies and programs from the OR clubs and membership, and provide feedback to the USA Swimming Safe Sport Committee and Safe Sport staff; 
7. Perform other functions as necessary in the fulfillment of USA Swimming’s continuing efforts to foster safe, healthy and positive environments for all its members.   
Operational Risk Coordinator:
1. The Risk Management Coordinator shall be responsible for coordinating risk management enhancement and training opportunities as needed and for the dissemination of USS Risk Management education information to all Group Members, athletes coaches and officials of OR. 
2. She/He shall develop risk management education programs and policies for OR and make recommendations regarding same, and the implementation thereof, to the Senior ViceChair, the Administrative Vice-Chair and the Board of Directors. 
3. The Risk Management Coordinator shall make the reports required pursuant to Section 608.7.