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Western Zone Officials Mentoring and Assistance Program

The Western Zone, of USA Swimming, was the first Zone to implement an Officials Mentoring and Reimbursement program for officials working the Age Group and/or the Senior Zone LCM Championship Meets. This program was implemented to help officials defray some costs to work these meets.  Additionally, the program helps foster uniform athlete friendly officiating across the zone. They help younger officials feel comfortable officiating outside their zone, by teaming them up with Sr. Officials so they can experience officiating above the LSC level. A good experience at Zones will lead to officials brining positive, encouraging officiating back to their LSCs and Clubs. For each official working these meets, the goals and expectations of this program are to foster a positive, athlete friendly, mentoring environment for all officials.

To be eligible for the Mentoring and Reimbursement Program, an Official must be a member in good standing from one of the 17 Western Zone LSC’s. Officials are expected to work 80% of the sessions at the meet including time trials. Officials who qualify for reimbursement must submit receipts to the Western Zone Officials chair, the monies will be sent to the Officials LSC with a note documenting the official and amount for each official.

Officials Reimbursement Fund


Please let me know if you have any questions or will be attending Age Group Zones or Senior Zones.


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