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To become a registered USA Swimming coach member or to renew an existing membership, the coach must complete safety, education and background screening requirements, as well as be at least 18 years of age.

USA Swimming recommends that a new coach register as a “coach member” prior to starting on the requirements. Click here for New Coach Requirements or contact your LSC Registration/Membership Chairperson for more information.
Junior coach members that are 16-17 years old do not need to have a background check until they turn 18, but everything else is required.
USA Swimming is committed to raising awareness about athlete protection and prevention of abuse in sport.
  • Renewal: Every year
  • Location: USA Swimming website. 
  • Results Submitted: Automatically reported into the database upon successful completion
  • Cost: Free
  • Time: About 60 minutes
Coach members must maintain certification in CPR and Safety Training for Swim Coaches.
  • Renewal: Every two years
  • Location: Outside provider. 
  • Results Submitted: You must submit certifications to your LSC registrar
  • Cost: $25 for online course plus facility charges. Other course fees vary depending on where you obtain certification.  
  • Time: Safety Training Online Course is approximately 3 hours. Skills portions depends on instructor and course content. In water portion is waived if current lifeguard. Otherwise testing is required and an additional fee may be involved.
All coaches are required to successfully complete a Background Check through the USA Swimming background check provider.
  • Renewal: Every two years
  • Location: Outside provider
  • Results Submitted: Automatically reported into the database upon successful completion
  • Cost: $38 the first time; subsequent checks are $18
  • Time: A few minutes
Coach members and Officials must maintain current certification.
  • Renewal: Every year
  • Location: Outside provider.  NFHS - choose OREGON course
  • Results Submitted: Send certificate to OSI office upon successful completion
  • Cost: Free
  • Time: 1-2 hours