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USA Swimming has published an updated list of CPR/AED and Safety Training for Swim Coaches In-Water Skills Checklist approved providers. These updates are the result of a six-month review conducted by USA Swimming’s Operational Risk Committee, in consultation with the American Red Cross, the purpose of which is to ensure the safety of USA Swimming member athletes and provide for consistency amongst curriculums.
In order to be an approved provider, the certifying organization must issue either American Red Cross or American Heart Association certificates or be deemed equivalent by either the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. Organizations which do not provide such certificates or are not deemed to be equivalent will no longer be approved providers for the purpose of USA Swimming safety training requirements. Online-only curriculums will no longer be approved.
Step by step procedure for becoming a certified coach
2022-2023 USA Swimming REGISTRATION
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Athlete Protection Training is required for ALL Coaches/Non-Athletes.
Background Screening is required for ALL Coaches/Non-Athletes.
Safety Training is required for ALL Coaches.
This is a second year Coaching Requirement.
Required by all coaches annually.
Concussion training certification is a state of Oregon requirement. During the 2009 Session, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 348 (SB348), codified as ORS 336.485 as a response to the serious issue of sports-related concussion injuries as a result of inappropriate treatment and diagnosis. This law requires individuals engaged in athletic coaching in Oregon be annually trained in recognizing the signs and symptoms of a concussion and how to seek proper medical treatment for a person suspected of having a concussion. It also requires student athletes who exhibit signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion; or have been diagnosed with a concussion, not participate in any athletic event or training until medical release is obtained. Oregon Administrative Rule 581-022-0421 details these statutory requirements.